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2001-08-04 18:36:15 (UTC)

ok ok ok

saturday the 4th of august, around 2, 2:30 pm

ok ok ok i have been really busy and i have not written in a
while!!! ok well so after this thing about you know my last
entry, well me and jacky made a truce and we are friends
(kindof) again. and michelyn apoligized but erica still
thinks i am very mean. see,jacky told michellyn and erica
that i went out with Aaron just to make her mad and said that
to her face. but i never did such a thing. yeah well chellyn
found out it wasnt true but erica never found out, so when
chellyn was at my house we was talking to erica online and
she BLEW UP at me saying that she hated me bc i was mean to
all her friends.(think she is exaggerating?) well we tried to
tell it wasnt true but she wouldnt listen. (whenever chellyn
or erica are in a fight with me they always swear at me and
all that good stuff while claiming they hate me , always
will and always have) ne ways, the next day chellyn was at
ericas house and they imed me, of course. they accused me of
prank calling them asking for myself or telling other peeps
to do that. (i didnt, thats a dumb way to prank call neway)
and on their anger streak, they also starting saying i was a
lezzy bc i had the lyrics to 'rock show' in my profile. it
goes like this:
i fell in love with the girl at the rock
show she said what and i told her that i didnt know shes so
cool i want to sneak her through the window everythings
better when shes around i cant wait til her parents go out of
town, i fell in love with the girl at the rock show

so they went on like that for a while, it was a mess. ok now
about everything else. well i went to camp.
yeah that place is actually pretty fun. and i went to hobart
william smith camp for lax, but that wasnt the best,it was
okay... oh and i went to the towns lax camp (this was just a
day thing) and it was not fun. at all. i have been spending
most my time with anna. we go to movies a lot, and we went to
roseland a few days ago. in fact we are going to a party
tonight! well right now i should prob. be packing bc i am
going to camp again tomorrow . then i am going to the towns
volleyball camp, which is a day thing. (i love v-ball but i suck at
it) then, my family is traveling to grand canyon, las vegas, and some
other places for ten days after volley camp is over. and well, i will
have to write again soon and tell what happens!( oh, ps i am still
together with *swoon* aaron!)

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