Kat Eyes
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2002-10-17 03:37:53 (UTC)

october 16, 2002

omg! i'm sooooooooooo exhausted! not really, but i feel
like it. i work tomorrow until 5:30 or 6, and friday, and
saturday. so it'll be a busy weekend. and school hasn't
been too bad. i'm trying to bring up my bio grade too. we
took a test today and i don't think i did too bad, so
that's off my back. i finally learned to center on thw heel
in ceramics! i finally did it yesterday and i was freakin
out b/c i finally learned how to do it. if anyone's ever
reading this and thinking "god....someone here doesn't have
a life.!" then you try and center clay on a wheel! its
hard! and nick's globe came out of the kiln today. mr.
perez is making the glaze for me tonight. today school went
ok. nothing really important happened. dance is becoming
interesting, b/c we're learning a new routine. and we're
doing it to this cool song. english, algebra, and spanish
are boring as usual. i'm coasting with an a in algebra and
english. and spanish. algebra is actually fun, b/c its not
hard. like math normally is for me. and mr. ho is cool,
even his last name means street walker in slang. and
spanish is doing ok. we're covering some new material, that
either mr. gubbins didn't teach us or i just competely
forgot. so i'm paying attention in spanish now. we did
something actually fun in class today. it was cool. and
english is well...boring. i read the most in that class.
mrs. zanteson is the dumbest teacher i've ever had. not
literally, her classes are just so pointless. but thats b/c
everyone in my english class is just stupid. so i finish
the entire assignment, while shes explaining it to everyone
else. and i'm done when everyone else starts. and i'm
passing with like an a (108%) shes kinda mean
sometimes too. like to brian. brians a cool guy, and if she
had any common sense she'd realize that brian is a
completely harmless guy. but she doesn't know that yet.
perez's class is awesome too! i think the entire ceramics
table is mad at me b/c i don't sit there anymore, but they
have to understand a few things. #1: the wheels aren't
stationed at the table for god's sake! #2: its hard to make
(good) clay stuff while sitting down. its easier if you
stand up. but don't tell the entire table that. they're all
lazy. i'm making some awesome stuff. and i think i'm the
only person in the class who hasn't purchased a second bag
of clay yet (dumb clay wasters) and i bought my homecoming
ticket yesterday. i "ditched" perez's class to get in line.
b/c i thought there'd be a long line for homecoming this
year. yea, there must have been 5 people who bought tickets
that day! well, at least i have mine. and judy invited me
to this party that the neighbors are giving. its a
halloween party. she was invited and it said "judy and
guest" so judy said i could come, if i helped her think of
a costume. and i did. she's going to be an insane person.
straight jacket and all. but we're having trouble finding a
straight jacket. and i was thinking of going as an angel,
b/c winters lending me her angel wings, but i'm not
sure.maybe i can just go as juliet. and wear my homecoming
dress. that'd work! i was thinking about being juliet at
first, but i had no idea where id' get the white dress like
juliets. but i just thought of this: i can use my
homecoming dress. i was thinking about doing this colorful
angel get up, but now i like my juliet idea better. grandma
and grandpa call the cops on this party every year, "b/c
the music is too loud" i can understand, but they call at
9:00! on a saturday night! they've decided to go up to gary
and lisas that weekend instead. and theres alcohol at the
party, and i secretly think that grandma thinks i'll get
drunk and if she calls the cops they the cops'll see that
i'm underage and drunk and they'll arrest me or something.
i dunno. so her and grandpa are skipping town during the
prty. (yay! can you say internet 24/7?!) oh! i talked to
nick today..on the phone! dad's been telling me forever how
he can't get servie up here. i was so desperate to talk to
nick today, that i asked dad if i could use his phone. and
he said whatever. and i did get ahold of nick! (so much
for "no service") we talked for awhile and it felt so good
to talk to him. we did get disconnected, b/c i lost the
signal, but we still had a great conversation. so i'm
feeling better from that. judy and i have started walking
lately too. and grandma has been getting pissed off about
hazel. seriously! i was online the other day and i asked
her to take marie and i to the maal, cuz marie needs a
homecoming dress, and i figured we'd go. and grandmas like
well you should talk to me and gimme details before you
volunteer me for driving. and then she totally went off
into another direction about hazel and grandma's problems
and blah blah blah. and i was just like "anything else?"
god it pissed me off so bad! grandma knows how much i hate
being here. and i'm old enough to have my own problems, she
doesn't need to vent her problems on me anymore. shes used
to it though. b4 we moved and hazel was here, grandma used
to tell me her problems all the time. but then it wasnt a
big deal b/c they were minor problems. but now shes telling
me how she'll get a divorce b4 this and that and blah blah
sure how i'm going to approach her about this. and dads
making me mad to. him and his mood swings. and his
rudeness. hes just so mean soometimes. i can't believe
we're related. i'd ask winter if i couls stay with her if i
knew it wouldn't be a problem. butit would be. her house
isn't the biggest house in the world. well, i'm gonna go
b/c my arms/fingers are tired from typing. l8r