Endless abyss of nonsense and sorrows
2002-10-17 03:19:00 (UTC)

Oct. 16 - After School

Its amazing.. this is the fourth time ive written in here
i am presently sitting on a picknick bench, watching over
the small basketball game
between John, Max, Sebastian, and Seth.
Of course, seth has his shirt off. haha.... didnt doubt
that would happen sometime during this game.
Its hilarious to watch this.. they are all short.. except
for john, and dont play basketball.
So you see them trying to do moves that are of course way
out of their leauge.
Its hilarious.
Its a no foul game, so Seth continues to tackle people to
the ground while John takes the ball to the hoop
i guess that could be considered cheating
but, no one cares, thats the cool part of the game

ooh boy, now they are attempting to play hackey sack with
the basketball... how funny.
oh God, seths pants are falling down... ahhh pull them up!!
pull them up!!! lol
ahh shizne.. mom's here.. i gotta go.. ill probably write
AGAIN tonie, but who knows
see ya