Endless abyss of nonsense and sorrows
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2002-10-17 03:18:07 (UTC)

Oct 16 - Lunch

As lunch period drolls on.. i realize its hard to find
solitude in this school
The outlets in the foyer are the only ones i have acces to
where i can hook up Tim.
so i sit here on the cold concrete floor, watching the
strange man fill up the candy machine
he has creepy eyes... and he cant be older than 25.
As i curl up in the corner, an obvious message to "leave me
curious children still approach me and peer curiously
around the screen
trying desperatley to see what i am typing.
Friends walk up and steal some of my Mt. Dew... how nice
Other people just stop and stare at me.
I glare back.
they recoil at the sight
must be something about my eyes.. they
really seemed creeped out..
when I dont smile back..

The gnats have returned to our school
millions of the annoying dumb bugs clog our air outside the
hundreds attack you as you walk from building to buillding
my black shirt showed off the millions of blue bugs well.
d i s c u s t i n g
We got our order forms for our class rings today
I wonder if I should get one
I wont be here next year...

Children are starting to gather around me... i havent
looked at them yet,
but i can tell they are staring at me
i have to go now...
i dont like this...
Im gonna go sit in my classroom and read.

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