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2001-08-04 18:12:06 (UTC)

For you

This is for the people who've been kind enough to read
my entries and respond w/ a positive vibe. Im not sayin
that Im the most interesting person in the world, and
surely my titles don't look like something that
screams "READ ME!"'s kinda nice when you're not
overlooked. I have nothing else interesting to say ( this
just comes to show how lame I can be) maybe except...I've
been having some peculiar nightmares lately. Not anything
like a "cold sweat", "wake up panting and screaming"
nightmare, but one that always leaves me questioning in the
morning. Im getting accustomed to these horrors, in fact,
that it's almost like I don't want to sleep anymore. Sad? I
think so...
I wanted to get to the source of my nightmares, so of
course, naive me calls a "dream pshycic". The women ( who
was very nice and patient) suggested that maybe I was raped
in a previous lifetime. Ah. I asked her is it maybe because
of the mysterious man that I see reacurring in my dream?
See, in my nightmare, a man tries to force himself in my
home through the window in the garage. He doesn't seem to
harm me, but he attacks my brother and mom who I love so
dearly. I get the sense that the man does this because he
knows it will get to me worse that any other physical pain.
Like a psychological torture. Ooo...I get teary eyed just
re-thinking it. But I'm still confused at why the dream
lady implied I was harrassed in another lifetime. hmmmm..
Im baffled, folks. If you think you might know what's goin
on...feel free to let me know. I guess that's all for today.