Everything happens for a reason....?
2001-08-04 18:01:54 (UTC)

Everchanging moments

Sometimes things just happen that you can easily confuse
with destiny or just coindence. Last night I believe was
partly both. I told myself I could get over him, since I
was leaving for college. Easier said then done. He was
suppoused to hang out all night with us, he really wanted
too, but he had to go home. I wish he would have stayed,
well duh I wish that, but I mean...it would serve as
another reminder of how close are bond is, and how afraid
he is of it. I can just imagine the amazing conversation we
would have had.....just like the one we had last time that
he was too afraid to admit to his friends, or even himself.
For that one reason, I'm confused on our status of what we
are and what we are suppoused to be.
Even his BEST friend said he will probably loose touch with
him after this year. So, since he's on vacation for a
week...and I leave the week after that to another whole
life at college......we will probably loose touch. I'm
trying to keep a positive perspective on this, you
know...college will be awesome, I could meet so many
people..not seeing him will help me get over him. But right
now, I can't help not wanting to loose him. He's this
amazing, sweet, funny, caring, fun, honest guy, and no one
even bothers to see this in him, except for me. Moments in
my life are everchanging, I can't keep up with them...and I
can't recognize a right moment from a wishfull moment. I
don't know what's going to happen in these next two weeks
between us at all....but this moment in my life is running
out of time...and I don't know where to go with it.