gold fish
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2002-10-17 01:50:19 (UTC)


heyy.. just felt like writing again... my friends are
weird.. the ones i hang out with the most.. are messed
up..like they dont act like best friends..and to make a
long story short....they can eat my moms shit ;) ... but
the ones i really dont hang out with are more there for me
then the others.. like one of em is jess.. i call her and
she listens..and stuff.. and shes the only one that
does..the other ppl listen and say well that sucks... or
they change the fucking subject.. that bothers me... but
like jess knows how i like alec and stuff.. but even tho
she knows he doesnt like me.. she still trys to make me
happy..and that a goodd person for ya.. so id rather have
that then a person who just doesnt care about u.. just that
they have something to do when they are bored...love me

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