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2001-08-04 16:46:14 (UTC)


I showed up at the theater the other day to a dozen red
roses and three white waiting for me in a beautiful vase in
the office. NO card- completly anonymous. All day I was
like "oh Phil got my flowers... roses at that!" and gushing
and giglling and smellign them and touchign them so happy
to hav ebeen sent flowers. Well, when phil came in around 6
he didn't say anythign about it... then when I was getting
ready to leave Andy asked me if he could have his vase back
when the flowers died cuz it's his mom's. I could've died.
All day I went around talking abput hil and it was andy,
who was there the whole time just didn't say anything about
it!! and now this is his ICQ info:
If you've ever met someone that is more astonishing than
the stars above our heads, you might have some inkling of
how I feel. Beauty is measure in more than your physical
appearance, much much more.

I'm dying here... omg, it's so bad. I really like phil,
well, I like kkissing phil, and I like being held by phil
and everytime he kisses me I just wanna die but that has
nothgin to do with all of this.... Ok, let me start again.
I like spending time with Phil, but I thin kit's just lust
and he's so attatched now, SO QUICKLY ATTATCHED, as in
wants to be tgether 24/7 and I dunno if I'm ready for that.
And andy, me and him clicked so well. Our personalities for
some reason, the secodn we met we got along so well and he
says things to me that no one else bothers to say (like
when fo rno reason he'll walk up to me at work, in the
middle of a rush, just to say I'm, incredible) and he
notices things abotu me that no one else notice. He always
asks me what I'm thinking and always worries about me.
it's so differnet to have a friend like this, his AIM info
says that hel ikes hanging out with shor girls "*GRIN*" and
says that there's one at work that is just incredible and
he loves being with.... I love being with him too and I'm
so afriad that phil is gonna get hurt int his because he
said the other night that he was jealous of andy giving me
roses. because red roses stand for love and if that ICQ
info is about who i think it's about, I'M SCREWED!!!!
Well, I g2g... I'm talkin to andy now, I'm gonna miss him
this week, I'l be in NOva Scotia for the week btw, if I
can, I'll write from there, no promises though.