Karigan's Life
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2002-10-17 01:11:27 (UTC)

Bad Luck and depression

Today's the 16th of October, I thought it to be a normal
day as I got out of bed, and got ready for high-school.
Then I fell down the stairs..I blamed it on tiredness like
I always do in the morning *No I DON'T fall down the stairs
every morning* I ate and brushed my hair and teeth and went
out the door. It was raining and I lost my umbrella, my
History book and papers got wet. I got on the bus and the
seat I was going to sit in was taken up the last second by
this one short kid, so I had to sit next to some big hairy
and smelly guy. *yarg* Anyways when I got to school
everything went okay...lunch was depressing since my
friends had to make up a Algebra Two test. Later on I
slammed my fingers in my locker by accident and I was late
for English class *pouts...I've never been later for

I got home and I felt REALLY bad, I didn't want to go
anywhere but I had to go to kickboxing. These two guys kept
making fun of me and stuff and I got really mad but they
weren't in my sparring group, but while I was listening to
them I got ax-kicked in the shoulder and it hurts like heck!
I'm just depressed so much stuff is going wrong in my life.

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