A Princess
2001-08-04 14:44:03 (UTC)

day 21

Time has gone soooooooo fast only a week left! Didnt go to
the regatta its too rainy :( Anywayz couldnt go to da movies
yesterday cos kelly had an arguement with her parents,lol.
Just watched the first ep of making the band...YAY, cant
wait 4 the new 1's! My mum bought me this top...need I go
on,lol...It better not rain on thursday...Katy took over
this paper round of this guy for 3 weeks while he was in
france, I helped her last night and james did, it only took
us...About 3 hours (not exaggerating at all) NIGHTMARE she
getz paid doodles for it as well,lol...Never again! Shes
going on a water sports holiday on the 12th for 10dayz!
Carly and liz r on holiday for a week and so is emma!
Everyones leaving me! Matts in cardiff and ummm nobody else
is important,lol...Kellys moving in 3-4 weeks I reckon...O
great 2mins away from her,lol ;) Kate got asked to do this
sport thing and meet loadsa celebs at this famous skool (Got
the best sports thinger in britain)its for sky one, but shes
missing it so james is going instead...She said yr 11's are
going on this holiday so she probably getz to go canoeing
down a famous lake in france with james caradine...Well
hot's not really her type she prefers little guyz who are
just over 5 foot...Why? I have no clue...Well Better go for
Love ya'z