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2002-10-17 00:23:06 (UTC)

Tired :/

Well today I stayed for Pre-Cal tutoring. Yesterday night
I had a fit for no appernt reason I just snapped. I was
frustrated because I couldn't concentrate on my work and I
dont want to fail any damn class. I was so mad everything
was pissing me off. Every single problem that I have that
I always block away from my mind came back to me all of a
sudden at that single moment. I didn't know what to do
anymore and I was getting so frustrated and mad that I
started crying. Yeah, sux. Well today I didnt get to see
my baby that much because I had to stay after-school and
then I had a meeting during lunch. He gave my bestfriend
my pager and just waved bye to me. Kinda weird. I hope hes
not mad at me. I doubt it though cuz I havent done
anything. Maybe he was just in a hurry. Iunno. Well my mom
told me that my dad said not to worry about anything that
he didnt hold it against me that I put him in jail. LOL.
Bullshit. And that he said if I needed him to take me to
school just to call him up. LOL. No. I rather be in the
fressing cold every morning at 6:15 a.m. than take a ride
from him. Even if it rains or hails. I could care less. I
dont need him. My mom got mad at me when I said that and
she said that she knows that when I need money the first
person that I am going to go to is him and that she was
going to remind me of what I had said. I told her not to
worry because I didnt need him for anything. That I have
gotten thru these past few weeks with him and I will get
thru the rest of my life without him, and its true. I dont
need him. And I just wished people would respect my
decision of chosing not to see him. Well I gotta go now
because I amm clueless on what I should write next.