2001-08-04 14:37:42 (UTC)

August 04, 2001

Dear Friend,
I tried to post my entry three times yesterday but I
kept erasing my own post or was called away for some other
task.Maybe today I will be able to finally do what I want to
do.Its hot and getting warmer.August in Mississippi is
unbearable.Its gonna be a long hot summer all summer long.
People will be sharped tongue and ill by the middle of this
A tropical depression is moving toward New Orleans.I hope
it pushes on inland instead of stalling out over one
location.Rain would be so welcomed.Last year and the year
before,it forgot to rain till late fall and early winter.
When I was a child,I can remember playing in spring water
but I have not seen a free flowing spring in years.Where did
all the water go?
I have several trees in my yard.There are two oaks,two
scaly bark hickories,and two pecan scattered over this acre
and half.The oaks are beautiful trees and yes,their branches
bush out toward heaven.Their trunks are huge and
grey.Hopefully,they will outlive me.Its natural for the oak
to grow old and ancient but I have seem many ancients
destroyed by nature and by humans.I have heard the old
people say that when they were young these giants were
everywhere....sounds like the beginning of a fairy
tale,where the hero sets out to kill the giant and
accomplishs his goals.Fairy tales always get you.First they
slay the dragon and then they kill the giant.