My Death Book
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2002-10-17 00:14:49 (UTC)

My First Thingy

yeah, this is my first time writing in this, but i think
its gona let me get my thoughts down so i cant forget them,
so my life now... Well, i have been trying to stay clean,
but i found it hard last night, so i rolled one up for the
first time in awhile, im sorry to everyone i let down, but
its not gona happen again, As most of you know, im with
laura now, she completes me, im not myself without her by
my poor,lonely,cold,and bord.. i sit here staring
at my computer looking for inteligent life that has been
yet to find, i got my clan memebers (KLiQ rules) i have
been trainin like a bitch,so anyways, i did some "stuff"
with laura that i might regret, if things go to fast they
will get boring, so i dunno what to do.. im trying to meet
with my old friends, the ones from back in the day..i think
my view on life is sad, i live for my ferrets and my girl,
thats all i family hates me, my friends arnt
realy my friends at gona leave for now, i will
write again in a few hours ~Syn out (8:12PM Oct16 02)

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