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2002-10-17 00:11:22 (UTC)

So where the hell should i..

So where the hell should i begin? i guess...oh i dunno.
i guess ill start off with the worst cuz my life is a
living hell right now. OMG i'll start with how much of a
bitch my mom is. this morning she decides to start with me
and makes me cry when i have to walk out the door in 4 running all over my face, its rainy and
cold and i know now that now we fought, if i miss the bus,
im screwed. omg shes is just ugh sometimes. so tonite me
and my dad totally dissed her...ha! fucking bitch O yeah
and she threatened me that i m in this weekend, that i cant
go to the movies on friday, i cant go on the AS trip, and i
cant go to the homecoming dance, ooo and i cant sleep
out...we'll see how fast i stay in this weekend!

what else is going on in my life...yeah that kid...lets
call him...well we wont name him this time, but lets just
say that he likes some other girl. which i dont blame him,
because like what the hell am i...but things were supposed
to happen between me and him and they didnt. i dont get it i want to be with someone so bad and im
not. i sit and watch everyone be happy and im just like
all depressed and stuff. NOT FAIR!!! Will i ever get what
i want? im sucha friggin PRUDE!!!

Better going to the movies with Christina and
Tony Friday (if mommy lets me)...imma feel like the third
wheel, but atleast Tony likes me (not mentioning any
names)..and he wont make me feel like the third wheel. i
will though...cuz ging will all have somebody to cuddle
with and hold and just be with, and then there is me...lil
ol' me who sits back and watches all this cute shit happen,
and say to myself y dont i have that in my life? then i
get all depressed and all...

cant wait to go to bed tonight, i'm so tired...ugh!
maybe i should just put a few things in here about myself
before i go, im 15 turning 16 in like 24 days, im a
sophomore and um...yeah thats all u need to know for now...
LuV AlWaYz~
21 days til' Flordia baby!!!