De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-08-04 13:57:20 (UTC)

Living in a Postcard

Saturday 4/8/2001

New Zealands are always living in a postcard country, i
must say...the natural enviroment is so astoundingly
beautiful...u get a surreal feelin like u're walkin into a

today, Alan and Nick brought us (Me, Se Yan , YL) on a road
trip to places outside Wellington city. Alan, being an
expereinced driver , as well as havin lived in Wellington
for 13 years... know all the nice places to visit...

our 1st stop was Lindall Farm, in Kapati , Paraparamau,
which is alsmot 40km away from Wellington. Alan
drove at his usual breakneck speeed, even we behind hadta
put on the safety belts.. : P .. the scenedary along the
way was breathtaking...u see hills after hills of
vegetation, and little white spots on em....which are
sheeps grazin actualli...hehe... then of courswe u'll get
horses and cows movin alongside these white spots...

Lindall Farm is an animal farm, we bought some animal feed
and proceeded to stroll into the farm. There we got to
interact with the farm animals 1st hand... 1st time that i
fed cows,lambs,goats,deers,llamas,ducks....etc.... they're
terribly greedy and will swarm u for food.... the platoon
of ducks, as nick described, realli follows u everywhere,
so do the sheeps... realli cute animals on large expanse of
grass land...where we strolled for around 2hrs...

i din realli like the animal show though... thot the sheep
was realli scared during the shearing demonstration... in
fact i came up wit some idea during the show...shall keep
it a mystery for now.. : P ... but we got to milk a cow!!
yikes... basically u juz pull the tits of the cow like a
certain kindof self-pleasuring technique (for guys of
course) : P ans swoosh!! out comes the milk...i even got a
certificate for that !!

And the Kapati ice cream tasted heavenly!!! arghhh so rich and
creamy... i hadta Honey and Fig flavour cone.... betta than all the
Haagen-Daaz and Swensens i've tasted so far.... they've won many
awards for their ice cream...and it's realli great!! the ice cream
is made on the farm too... shiokadoo..

we then left Lindall and proceeded to Queen Elisabeth Park...the
beach there.... awwwwww...dunno how to describe my awe-struck face
when i saw it... the coast runs for eternities.... i cant even see
where the beach ends or starts!! and white waves juz kept swashing
in.... the sand is so fine and solid that we walked barefooted into
the water.... Imagine a scene in Baywatch , minus all the pple... and
add in a clear blue sky...surrounded by majestic green
mountains...u'll get the idea.... we had such a fun time collectin
shells and wiring on the sand... damm.. i love this beach so much!!!

wooohh,, next part was even betta...we decided to head down to the
Red Rocks at Island Bay, south of Wellington City.. this place is
actualli another coastal bay but one can onli reach it after walking
or travellion extremely long distance from the entrance, on a very
rocky terrain.. Fortunastely, Alan's car is a 4WD, so he drove in ..
and we drove along the coast..on the rocky ground...his car realli
took alot of damage i tink... cos the rocks are simply too much... at
one point, it stalled and me and nick hadta push it out... finally
after around 15 minutes by car, we reached Red Rocks... another awe-
struck face.... the rocks are realli red...and u see seals eveywwhere
lying on the rocks... waves are strong and they beat against the
rocks very strongly... it was sunset when we we took
tonnes of pics.... we even caught a moon shot!! woohoo!! it's such a
special placee, mainly accessible by cars, so we're realli lucky that
Alan's car can tahan...fantastic scenary there...

dinner was sushi at the King sushi back in Wellington.. Yums!!! we
ate like we neber had sushi b4...realli delicious...we were so hungry
too : P .... not too ex...onli arnd NZD$20 per person... apparantly
Alan knows the chef here... btw Alan's family owns a restaurant in
Wellington so he knows his way around the food circuit here...heheh

abit of strolling at Cuba Street and we're back at Weir House
after...all beat...

What an incredible day.... realli thankful to Alan and Nick...

next week promises to be even more eventful...with the National Day
Celebration comin up at the High Commission... all the Singaporeans
in NZ will coverge there to party and view the NDP..we mite even be
on live TV!!

and there's the Weir House Ball next Sat... damm.gotta find some
decent wear soon...

till then....

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