Meshed Up
2002-10-16 23:27:43 (UTC)

cut dialogues

since i've stopped updating my website, i've decided to put
in here some of the interesting things that people have
said to me. here's a shower of candiceness.

'it's another psycho film. i'm sure you'll love it.'

'ever thought of publishing your stories?'

'you're in the mud with the rest of us!'

'you're beautiful, artistic, and mysterious.'

'a boyfriend 8 years older than you isn't too bad. just as
long as you don't think that when you were 5 he was 13.'

'i reckon you have middle child syndrome.'

'i know your favorite color is purple.'

'i didn't know america was a colony of the philippines.'

'how's the second most beautiful girl in the world doing?'

'he sent me a text message and these are his exact words:
please tell her that i love her so much.'

'she phoned me yesterday and she told me a story again
about a stranger who wants to have an afternoon date with
her. it's a good thing my cousin rejected the horny
australian. or as candice would say, "FRIENDLY
AUSTRALIANS".' (obviously this girl doesn't know she's
already talking to candice)

'candice he said that my breasts are perky and that i have
a hot ass! please kill him for me!'

'i don't wanna go for dinner with him. what should i do?
he's being irritating. but he's a nice guy. i don't find
him annoying.'

'intelligent people are often misunderstood even by
themselves. i hope that one day you will realize that you
are beautiful within and without.'

'they should've just bombed the white house instead of the
pentagon so that they could've blown bloody bush up.'

'we were on the phone. he kept moaning. he came. i feel
dirty...i feel used.'

'it's a good thing i don't go around telling everyone that
i'm beautiful.'

'you're lovely and funky!'

'pave the way to heaven for me.'

not all the quotes are believed to be true by the author.
some are bullshit. but all of them are definitely
interesting in her humble opinion.