gold fish
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2002-10-16 23:00:07 (UTC)


hey..today just started off bad.. i woke up late for school
and had about 2 tests i didnt kno about..and probably
failed them.. Michelle came home with me after school to
look for a job...she got an application for the dunkin
doughnuts rite behind my house... and i got nothing.. i
hate being 14.. i cant get a job for another year but i
need money!!! lol

my dad just flipped on my because "someone" left his room a
mess.. even tho it wasnt me.. he just thot soo.. i dont
like being the youngest at all!! my brother n sister never
get complained to by my dad.. but just me...

I think jess likes alec becasue she always talks about him
to me..and how hes so funny and so cute and so everything..
but then again she always says she doesnt and wouldnt.. and
shes mad in love with shawn.. but o-fuckin-well

Im listening to some music right now.. so ttyl

love me