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2002-10-16 22:07:36 (UTC)

*~home sweet home~*

Saturday...... so this day tricia and kim came and picked
me and sara up.. it was so great to see them,, sara and i
went to my house and chilled wtih my family for a little
while.. lindsie is getting sooo big.... then we went and
visited carli, then went to mattys. Matty sara and i went
to get kendle then it was off to the package store... We
went to tricias and got stoned/drunk.. haha it was a great
night although i blacked out for most of the night..

Sunday...... Melissa and I went shopping for my dad! Kim
Tricia and I hung out all night at Tricias... Matty and
Dan came over but left kinda early cause they wanted to go
to Joe's house. oh well... It is so much fun hanging out
with all the people i miss so much.

Monday- Melissa and I went to Old Navy and a few other
stores and did some hard core shopping. resulting in my
new ghetto sweatpants, to replace me old pair (RIP pants).
I went to see Ryan at work and convinced him to come hang
out at Tricias. Then I went and got matty and him and i
went to get a 30..... When we got to Tricias, Ryan and
Chris were there and so were Becky Kristy and Beth. We
drank some beers and smoked some weed... and not to much
happend... But it was so nice to see chris and ryan
again... and i know it doesnt mean to much to them, but I
guess i really do feel bad about some of the things i've
said about them.. But alots happend, it was just so great
to see them. God..... being home just reminds me how much
i miss it once im gone..

*I feel as though I'm losing one of my best friends. and i
can take that, but just know you'll always be my best
friend, even if you don't ever want to see me again.. i
wish you the best. hopefully youll find some time to talk
to me.

*As for guys..... i have no idea anymore. I have to many
things going on in my head, and i cant choose what i want.
maybe i dont want anything... but theres still this
lingering feeling that remains and reminds me of what i
always wanted for so long... but who knows? I just need
time to clear my damn head.

**By the way,, sara malyssa and i are making a trip home
on the 26, to see some special BOYZZZZZZ play a show that
ive seriously been fucking waiting to see for like 20
million months and 30 days! So everyone who reads this..
go to the show, I think its in Southwick? But find out and
hit it up, so that i can see ya all there... peace