Sanity Online
2001-08-04 12:49:10 (UTC)

Drama or not?

well, things are looking up again. i swear, i live on a
rollercoaster. M_ called and said he was going to drive up
for Labor Day to spend some time with me. I was in heaven
when he told me that! I had been bawling on the sofa to
B1_ earlier so that just made my night. I decided D_ is a
jerk who just needs to be castrated so he can't screw up
the world anymore. That shithead just doesn't know when to
stop. Anyhoo, work sucks as usual. T_ is quitting. Damn,
the only decent looking guy in my dept. Sucks for me. I
really don't think I'm going to keep the job past the end
of Sept. I just don't think I'll be able to handle the
hours. Nights suck for me. I want a life. I'm a friggin
senior now. I actually want to make an effort to hang out
with the sorority. Yeah, that's going to happen if I'm
working and sleeping all damn day. I need to party more.
I need to meet some different people. Yep, goal for the
semester. I need that 4.0 again too. God, I need that.
Okay I'm going to sleep now--I need it. So, in brief,
notes to self:
1. D_ is an immature prick who is going to see the
emotional wall I am famous for.
2. Graveyard shifts will suck the life out of you.
3. J_ is definitely trying to avoid me. Give it up, girl.
4. Palm pilots are the best invention ever.
5. I need to do my history paper or I'm SOL.