my little dick
2001-08-04 11:23:04 (UTC)

It's about time

Gezzzzz ive been trying to get this stupid diary to work
for like a week. i mean damn. today i gonna suck, i think
theres nothing to do and nobody do it with so i guess i'll
just sit around and write crap kinda like this. My best
friend Tom has to work i go over after work but i dunno,
and my other friend Ma Jay Gun is goning to her dads for
awhile, i think i might go to Erics. Oh yeah i get paid
today, i guess thats good if i can get somewhere.I really
need to get my band goin, Tom is in it too but we need a
drumer and we need to practice soon too. Welp im pretty
bored right now, just like every day though.I guess i
forgave my brother yesterday, hes goin out with my x
girfriend, but i cant hate him anymore.I hope i get enough
money to do something today.I cant sleep anymore i stay up
all night and sleep all day, and i dont know why. I think i
need help or something.I hope today doesnt suck i really
tierd of everyday being the same. well we'll see. later