Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-01-25 08:42:41 (UTC)

Oh boy am I guna get bollocked..

Oh boy am I guna get bollocked tonight.

See, the phone bill came in today and it's £51 odd. That
isn't too bad but usually it's only about £30 a month. Some
of it is me on the net, actually most of it is me on the
net. Oopps. My sisters go on the net to, but I guarantee
I'll get the blame. Never mind, life goes on! I bet my dad
won't let me go to the ball now. Any excuse....

SHIT!! I got my media exam today and I haven't got a clue!
Oh well, I know I'll fail this one, at least I can re-take
it in the summer. Hopefully I'll pass my Englsish one
though coz then I don't have about 16 exams to do in June.
I got one in March too. Why don't they give me a break!

Better go and revise...or something.


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