Psychic Bambi

The Unbearable Darkness of Being Skye...
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2001-08-04 07:11:13 (UTC)

Geoff ®2001...

Love is supposed to be an action
not just an emotion. Do I love you
because I feel I do or because you
took the time to show it?

Love is supposed to come from the windows
of your soul and not just from the chambers
in your heart. So, is it my soul that feels
pain or my heart that cries when you're gone?

Love is supposed to be the best form of
communicating one's inner spirituality to
another. But if we both are upset at one
another, is it out spirits or our words that
keep us apart?

Love should be me writing poetry and singing
silly songs of happiness, blossom trees and
turtle doves. But if you don't enjoy or
appreciate any of these things, has my love
been wasted or misunderstood?

Love should be you being able to look into my
eyes while gently caressing my soul and wanting
to create a life with me. What if you're too
busy to look into my eyes, does that mean that
we become lifeless?

Love is, love could be, love should be infinity
times infinity and a whole lot more. But if
you're the only one feeling it, and I'm the only one
showing it, were we ever truly in love?

I guess not.

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