ryan YC schim

how ryans been doin lately?
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2002-10-16 15:29:41 (UTC)

the last month or so

this last month or so ive been going through a lot of
different feelings, i have tried and tried to keep this
girl that is in love with me alive for as long as
possible, she made me worry about her all the time and i
tried with all i got to keep her alive but 3 days ago i
couldnt try anymore, she got mad at me and told me to call
her leave a voice mail and she would call me after that if
she liked it...well now shes been missing for 3 days, i
dont even think she checked it. there is nothing more i
can do for her, unless she starts to make some sort of
effort. Aside from that, ive been chillin with sarah
again since our little "sarah bashing night" we r still
good friends and im really glad that we can stay like
that...school is a BITCH!!! i got midterms in a week and i
gotta study, parents and brother have been messin with my
head a lot lately so i dont have a car, i hope everything
gets better again, i had a nice talk with sarah and julia
and i am going to go through another change...if you
notice anything tell me, well thats it for now, peace out
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