Mars Hotel
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2001-08-04 07:02:17 (UTC)

To Shelly

One soul
one of a kind.

Near perfection, but not
text-book perfection.
Though flaws may you have,
everything I see is worthwhile.

Almost a soulmate,
kind generous friend.
You offered a hand
in my time of darkness.
Never giving up...
as I adamantly refused your help.

What is it that is special about you?
To understand is to reach to my soul.
To listen is to care.
To laugh
to cry
is to indicate that
you feel comfort with me.
To bear with me
my flaws
is to love.

Yet I don't think you know
just how important you are to me.
With every passing person I meet,
I know
there will never be another you.
They say they must pass a test
to be my friend...
maybe the test is you.

Poet am I not,
Poetry writer do I ascertain to be.
Forgive my drab words
for words do not do justice.
There is not a thing I could say
to make you truly understand
with what great fondness
I will
and do
think of you.