2001-08-04 06:44:41 (UTC)

Friday the Fourth

Well, if ur reading you are probably Christine; so I am
sorry. Im really dissapointed that the weather wouldn't
cooperate for our first date. I'd planned the whole thing
so carefully and thought the plan was flawless.... the time
the place... the cherries....

Everything possible went wrong; Of course since I took her
to the beach to see the sunset it was going cloudy, and as
for the time... Now that I think about it threre was no way
that was going to be enough time. *hit head on table in

Despite the problems and lack of foresight, I hope I can
learn from this and plan better for next time. It has to
be looked at as a vacation... The first time you go to
Disneyland they are always going to have half the good
rides closed. That's how they keep people coming back.

The only saving grace of the evening was Christine's
copious quantity of joy and laughter... accept toward the

Right now I've got to go. Time to reflect and try to forget.