Jess's Journal
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2002-10-16 11:13:28 (UTC)

emotional needs

Ok, so I never listen to my horoscope but today, it made
complete total sense. Let's just say it ended by asking me
if I ever share with anyone my emotional needs. And the
thing is, do I? I never really share completly what my heart
is feeling. And that's because I don't trust people
completly with my heart. You wouldn't if you were me either.
I don't know who I'd tell either. I like the fact that there
will always be someone to talk to and share these things
with but I just don't think I can do that to them. I mean,
I'm really messed up right now. I want one thing and then
again I want another. You know, crying relieves so much.
It's amazing.
And another thing, school. I know you need to it get further
in your life. And trust me, I'm gonna be there a lot for my
career. But doees it ahave to be so boring? and slow? The
only good thing about school is it's like this big hang out
for me and my friends who I don't see nearly as much in the
summer. But I tell ya, I could be out doing way better
It's one thing to want someone but it's another thing to
want someone you can't have. It's harder than hard. I'll
just leave it at that and be on my way.

Trust me, by the end of the day, I'll have plenty of venting
to where I'll probably make another journal entry.