Life as I know it.
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2001-08-04 06:04:45 (UTC)


so i had my date tonight and this guy was fucking gorgeous
and awsome. I swear I could just fall for him so easily.
He's gorgeous way outta my league, he was like 6'1" blonde
hair beautiful blue eyes, great build...im in lust. It
went okay i think, tho i dont know if he is interested in
me or not. Such is life, he wont be and i wont be
devestated ill just know in the future not to date guys who
are supremely hot. I mean supremely like oh my god he was
gorgeous. IF he were like *sleep with me* id be like *yeah
sure no problem* but he is too nice to even ask that. NIce
and hot...too good to be true. But I could have killed my
friend Nick. He ended up coming to the place we were
tonight and asked Mike what was his relationship to me and
Mike said *I do not know* and im like arrghhhhh fuck you
Nick cause dont put the guy on my first date on the spot,
its not cool at all. I wish he would have just said friend
or something. but seriously diary readers my life might be
getting a hell of a lot better if this guy will date me, i
mean oh my god i seriously cant describe him. It was love
at first sight. He was so gorgeous and so nice and so shy
all the right requirements for me. I dont know how it went
im sure ill find out soon enough tho. And once I do ill
let you know. Hope for the best people.


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