My Life
2001-08-04 05:50:46 (UTC)

My First Entry: 8-3-01

Well, this is kewl...my first entry!!! Well, let me start
by telling u about me...I'm a highschool girl stuck in a
suburban bubble near Philly.
So, if this is a 'diary,' I souppose I should write about
my life. Ok, here goes nuttin:
Today I went to my last day of Drama camp (located at my
highschool). Last night was the 2nd and last night of this
year's summer play "The Wizard of Oz," and it actually
turned out better than I thought it would. I've been doing
the plays for 3 years now (Bye-Bye Birdie, Annie, and Oz)
and every year we hate it and declare never to go back, but
we always do...I don't really know why, it's like a magnet
drawling us towards it! Anyway, so it was the last day,
and it was SO MUCH FUN, but at the same time, I felt kinda
sad. You see, usually (in past years) we have about 5
weeks to put together a show; this year we only had 15
days. It just went by so quickly!!! It's crazy!!! Today
we just sat around singing and dancing to all the Oz songs,
and, the most amusing part of all...watching the crew
destroy the set!!! Tehehe! I know that I will see everyone
(not that I enjoy the company of everyone) next year, but I
think the thing that I'm goin to miss the most are the
memories that we made.
Even though I didn't get much of a part (a tree in 2 senes
and a person in the Emerald City for 1), I still get such a
vibe to be part of such a wonderful thing. While the
boring surburban teenagers are hanging on a street coner
getting high, I rather spend my time working towards a very
gradifying experince: the nights of the plays.
So, overall, I think today went pretty good because I left
that building feeling taller.