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2002-10-16 07:54:28 (UTC)

a laugh and a frown

it was 3.00 in the afternoon. we were sitting down, talking
about how the audience can interpret the media, and how
gender roles can actually affect this interpretation.

then i heard the freakiest (if not the funniest) story ever
told in the history of a tutorial at melbourne university.

'it was the morning after a party and all of us were just
hanging out in the living room, watching tv. and there was
this couple on the couch watching tv. there was a movie or
something on. the guy was watching really intently, and the
girl...she was sitting beside him and had one hand on his
knee, and she sat there like this...gazing at her
boyfriend's face for the next hour and a half or so.'


ick. my sister just turned the heater on again. sigh. it's
going to be boiling hot here again. prolly gonna be hotter
than hell. but of course, once again, i'm exaggerating.

well i don't really like people who exaggerate their own
importance. i notice that a lot of people do that. they
think they're so great and everything...when in fact
they're not. i must sound like a broken record since i've
been saying that for quite some time now...but i am
reminded of that every single day. i meet people who think
they're on top of the world each day. i meet people who
think that they're on a noble quest when in fact, they are
just after their own selfish desires.

sad to think about it that way really. and i do hope i'm
not one of them.


yay got complimented yesterday. it always feels nice to be
complimented. slightly flattering..but anyway. i do hope
the compliment i received on my writing yesterday was
honest and sincere.

i do hope i don't come across as someone who's marketing my
writing out. i mean...i dunno man. i like to have certain
people reading my works and thoughts. maybe cuz it's part
of my dream to change the world i guess. at least i know
i'm getting to a few people out least i can
kinda get them to think about certain things that -
supposedly - they would never have thought about. emphasis
on the word supposedly.

well i've bored you people enough. it's just random
thoughts for now. i gotta work on my speech for the
conference tomorrow..and work on the bloody conference
paper. argh. i shall not start on how much work i have to

i must say this to everyone out there: uni sucks. Big time.


one last thing before i go. typical girl/bitch session

oh you mean ASS (act-smart-syndrome) is the girl who ran
out of the class to answer the phone?

NO NO! haha the one who ran out is not ASS. she's ok.
kinda like her. haha the ASS is the two girls who were
sitting to my left..u know the one that looks like a
mixed girl (i seriously thought she looked like a
transvestite sometimes...can't help it. SSSHH) and the
girl beside her.

ahh! no wonder! yeah i kinda like the girl who ran out
too...i don't know her name though. lolz! the mixed
girl...yeah she sometimes does come across as a
transvestite! HAHA!

the one we like is called elizabeth. hahaha man i feel so
mean..but i'm getting a kick outta it!

lolz! hehe! ooh nice name...hey i find elizabeth pretty =b

yeah.. haha ;p at least her style doesn't look try-hard ;p

how true!! lolz!! why you!! hey i think the two ASS are
nice =b i think the ABC (australian-born-chinese girl) is
an ass. i don't like her man hehe.

hmm..the two ASS aren't too bad...just sometimes a bit
irritating (the transvestite)...u should see her act cute!
ok..i am being mean. OK! I SHALL STOP! but they're still
big time ok..compared to the ABC. and rob's hair sucks

hehe. c ya around people!

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