The many thoughts of Ann
2001-08-04 05:05:44 (UTC)


Well tonight was way cool. we went to a movie with mattie
our friend and he said he was bringin 2 friends so of
course our first thoughts were WOW maybe they will be hot.
but to our dismay they were very not!!!!. oh well so we
thought that was a waste of night BUT we got on the bus and
there was a EXTREMELY hot guy and we made some eye contact
and actually stayed on the bus to see where he would get
off. and just as we thought the bus was going the wrong way
and we got off it turned around and went to the go station
where we thought it would go. so as the bus passed he
looked at us ( or maybe me!!!) and smiled the cutest smile
i have ever seen!!!! and so lol me and jen chased the bus
down until it stoped at the go station and he got off! well
we walked by and he asked us have a good walk! and we
explained that we thought the bus was going somewhere else
( we failed to mention that we chased after it for him
lol ) and we walked him to snug harbour where he works!!!!!
wowo so close. he is from laurn park but u see he was
waitin for us becuz he was walkin but he was standin around
waitin by the bus stop till we came. it was so cool. so
maybe we will see him around. i sure hope we do!!!! anywho
his name is peter and he is our age and he is really hot
but i mean who would he like me or jen!!!??? that kinda sux
but hey i guess we will find out if we ever see him again!
ya so. wow!!! peter....
lol i know i still like jeff but i mean peter is sooooo
much more realistic!!! i mean common he lives MUCH closer!
well gtg
luv ya