#1 G*Fab and Freestyler

Karmically Challenged and Fully Phallic
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2001-08-04 04:49:54 (UTC)

Begin the experiment.

My life can be described as...fucked-up melodramatic underpayed overplayed esoteric and neurotic. And all this is what comes out of
it. Its not a journal...its a record...so ignore the dates and just read the shit. Because all it is, is shit.

Forget what made you
Reminder of the good times
Never remember that shit
Makes it so unbearable
Your so unbearable

I cannot take another time
Standing next to you
Dont want to remember
Dont want
Dont want
To change

Dont look back
And Forget Forget
Dont look back
Take it all in
Then forget it

Bad memory
Bad memories
Forget it
Forget you
And that makes it ok