2002-10-16 05:27:14 (UTC)

The letter

Helooo beautiful if you are reading this?
Your letter came today and I missed you so much all over
again and yet at the same time felt so very close to you.
Without you the net is nothing and often feel like just
giving it all up. I nearly gave up my email but still have
kept it in the hope of seeing you again. I know your
birthday is the 27th of October and hopefully my letter
will reach you before your birthday. I kept telling myself
we really had something special and hoped a letter from you
would arrive. I thought it was best for you to first write
as you may wanted to stop as now you have a real boyfriend.
I hope all is still as wonderful as it was when we last
chatted. Well will tell you more when I write to you. I am
so happy you wrote to me, so very very happy.
Sweet dreams lovely lady.
Love always your