My Life
2001-08-04 04:48:25 (UTC)

My Adventures At Work

I worked tonight (I work at a grocery store, I'm a
cashier) was a lot more fun than was pretty
empty for most of the night so we were all just goofing off
and having fun! I took my break with Darryl...he's so cute
sometimes...the 2 of us were just joking around for a long
time too...god he's so hot and nice too! I really like
him, i don't know what to do...the thing is, i really only
want some random fools with him...but maybe mroe...he seems
like the kind of guy who gets attached to girls...and
although i need that, i don't need that from him...but its
all good. he was being so flirty tonight...maybe he likes
me...i hope so...meghan said not many girls are interested
in him so i might have a chance =)...neways gotta
sleep...gettin up in 7 1/2 hours...shit...