Endless abyss of nonsense and sorrows
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2002-10-16 05:04:11 (UTC)

Oct 14

I noticed today... walking to the store at lunch... that
I think a lot about... well... everything
i wonder sometimes if other kids think as much as I do...
or if they just.... didnt think about anything much.. all
they worried about what what period they had next and if
they had any homework. I am constantly worrying about my
life... and all that... stuff
its horrrible.. cuz... lots of the stuff that I think
about makes me cry. I wish i could be carelesss
not thinking about anything..
Oh well I guess
Its strange... today i dressed as my new feddish (black)
for school, and, its like, I wasnt so invisible anymore...
i mean... it isnt the kind of attention most people like,
but still, im not invisible... i havent decided rather
that is good or bad... all i know is that little kids were
scared of me... lol... i was called "goth" a few
times... sure... ill be goth, if Christians can be
gothic... lol. Web design class was hilarious today...
we created a web page... lol.. its hilarious... ill give
you the link later tonite when i get it on the web. I
seriously need to rivese my main page... its boring... but
i cant get pictures to load for some reason... I dunno o_O
its confusing. Anyways... im going to have to0 leave
you for a few minutes... im running around town looking
for a hub so i can network my computers and maybe get my
DSL to work... talk to you later.
I hooked up the hub... and now my networking is working,
so i got most of my old files off my old computer onto
this one. DSL still wont work though... im dissapointed
oh well though
Ill write tomorrow.

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