lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-10-16 04:43:54 (UTC)

where do bad kids go?

uh huh. that's right. the same place i'm headed. in a
handbasket. if i have a band it will be called
handbasket. ahh i need a punk band now. hmm let's
see what we can do.

boys are dumb. why don't they just follow through?
huh? why do they tell you things you'd be better off not
knowing? i really suck hard. not literally, but quite

i have two ice packs on right now...neck (it's been
hurting all week) and back (i pulled something in
kajabe so it's worse than usual). right on.

write down your helps. kristen and i were
talking about being ADHD and i realized that's why my
prayer life was sucking butt. sometimes praying more
means realizing stuff you're not ready to

today's race was pretty good...i thought it was pretty
good, at least. i got 18th place (20th last time so
yeah...) and beat christine holt by 30 seconds...she
beat me by 10 last time. so yay.

peace out. tomorrow is another day.

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