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2002-10-16 03:16:33 (UTC)

6 out of 10 teens have sex

The issue of sex is constantly buzzing around me. Yes, I
am a virgin and I will probably be until I'm married. I
know it sounds crazy (and yeah, I'm not a goody goody) but
it's just something I've always been taught.

I think a lot of girls will do things just because they are
pressured or suffer from low self esteem. I use to have
friends that were gorgeous and confident. Now they're just
hookers. They'll do anything for some alcohol (not saying
I wouldn't but I wouldn't go that far) and basically lack a

These girls I use to know/ born rich with life/ rich with
dreams/ even knowing their fate, they followed that road/
in the end regret and despair is the reward/ stuck in a
rut/a hole deeper than their soul could ever repair/ what
an unfortunate trail they have followed


What would happen if everyone walked around in the nude?
Would it be the 'norm'? I think it would be. I think if
everyone walked around in the nude nothing would change.
The whole skimpy and skinny would still be admired and the
fat would be considered grotesque. Geez, who came up with
that whole idea? Being "plump" aka NORMAL use to be
considered healthy and of a more higher stature. And now
this whole corpse/skeleton thing is in. Man, I'm really
self conscious even though I tell myself I'm content.

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