OhBaby It Is Me

2002-10-16 02:53:53 (UTC)


My life seems so good from the outside. If I didn't
tell you, you would think everything was just great. It's
so messed up. but maybe it's all messed up in my head.
maybe it's all just me. I want it to be all good though.
I want to be all happy and shit. I don't want it to be
like this I don't want him to be upset that I listened to
him and did what he said to. What is up with that? And I
don't want to take backseat to baseball or to sleeping, there is no
sleeping allowed unless it's with me! and I'm not a sleeper! So
what do you all think of that? Huh? What do you all think? I think
that if this shit with the whole promise to never come true thing
doesn't change, the arrangment of his face is going to. He says that
I'm not suppose to do things to make other people happy, and that I
should do what makes me happy. Well what if making other people
happy makes me happy? What then?