my deranged lyfe
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2002-10-16 02:49:28 (UTC)

hey there neighbor

jess. look. i dunno what happened this week but for some
odd reason we arent talking to eachother. i dont get why.
well actually i sort of do. w/e. anyway about this friday;
from what i heard you sed that 'you had no business with me
anymore' so i fgured that meant we werent talking/hanging
out anymore. im kinda sad but i guess it would ofhappened
eventually. when you sed that i figured we werent doing the
game or halloween anymore. w/e. i wasnt about to spend my
friday alone so i invited some other friends over. so far
amanda and maybe angela are coming over. steph mite too. i
dont care if you come over to see ari. thats cool. its not
my decision to say you can or cant. but the house'll prolly
be full. with me ari the boys my friends n you and my
parents. you guys could go to the game too. i dont care. i
just wanted to get it straight. email me if you wanna
talk.~ sheila