My So called crapy life
2001-08-04 03:44:38 (UTC)

August 3rd 2001

wellup today was lil good when I woke up at 1am! :-) it
felt so good I never get to sleep late but today I got to.
I did nothing today just lay around the house (some thing I
don't get to do much of!) and then I wint online alot and
ate alot today and watched TV (LAZY DAY! UMMM) and then
around 11:10 my girlfrine called! it has bin 2 weeks from
the last time I talked to her and it was soo grate we only
talked for a half hour but I got to talk to my girlfriend
and she is in NY right now and then she is going to
vollyball camp soon but then on the 9th she will be home
and I will get to be with my sweet heart and love her! umm
I can't wate for that day. and right now heather is maken
me pissed off going I still do love you what makes you
think you don't and then I told her that she says she does
but then she turns around and goes no I never said that
even tho she didn't say that but what she says like ish on
me and how she is seeing people and all this crap I don't
give a fuck what she is doin with guys / grls (don't ask)
and then her friends piss me off she should just stay out
of my life and stop Fin it up!