2001-08-04 03:39:14 (UTC)

im happy.

im happy.

the only thing that im really upset about..
is that. people i really care about are hurting or
upset...and there is nothing i can do about it. but i have
to do whats right for me...right? =) i just wish that there
was a way for me to let people know how much i really do
care about them...

im happy =)

when i find myself subconsciencely holding your hand.
when i wake up and i see you laying beside me.
when we say things at the same time...
when you play with my hair in the car.
when you put cream in your coffee.
when the colour green part comes up
when i miss you.
when i make you bleed accidently =)
when my friends make fun of me.
when you make fun of me.
when you kiss me.
when you hold my hand at dennys.
when you bitch at me for smoking.
and then take a drag.
when i call you hun.
and you can me babe.
when you finish my sentences.
when we sing together to ani in rush hour.
when i get jealous of your exs.
when you get jealous of my exs.
when we laugh at ourselves.
when you worry about me.
when i dont wash my rings.
when your family makes me uncomfortable but i do it anyway.
when you put forth effort.
when i WANT to care about you.
when i dont want to sleep because ill miss you.
when its tuesday =)
when i think about how cute we are.
when i think about how cute you are.
when tomorrow is a long way away.
when i dont WANT to have sex with anyone else.
when i trust you.
when you trust me.
when i find myself rambling about my stupid-happiness in
the middle of the night when i have traffic school and work
tomorrow morning. =)

i love you baby =)