life is just a poker game
2001-08-04 03:25:53 (UTC)


I'm tired. Started packing today. (sighs) I can't believe
it's all coming to a crashing end. But it is. And I'm going
to make it.

I'm very worried about money. As of right now, after I pay
the rent, I have no money for groceries or anyhing. Ramen
Noodle Warehouse, here I come.

The cats are being very whiney.

I'm taking care of Patti's cat and dog this weekend while
she goes to the men's rugby tourney in Memphis w/ Nick.
Going to stay there - maybe overnight. Haven't decided yet.
Maybe I can get rid of this horrid rugby tan on my legs
(Think tan around the knees - the rest not because of
shorts and tall socks).

This is all hard.