my life
2001-08-04 03:11:44 (UTC)

Fri 8-3

wow, 2 years ago today caleb and i had our first date.
gosh, time flies.

well, its a little after 11 pm and im back home. i got back
about 20 minutes ago, only to find out that our air
conditioner is broken. its as hot as hell in here. caleb
and i hung out today. we went to the mall for a while, then
to see rush hour 2, then to a bookstore and back to the
mall to get my car. we had a lot of fun, once we finally
got together. caleb is going through a lot of crap with
his mom, she is really, really mean to him and takes
advantage of him way too much. it really upsets him, tears
him apart. i feel so bad. i wish there was something i
could do. i see how much it hurts him, and it hurts me.
anyways, he was in an awful mood this morning and i almost
didnt go meet him. he broke down on the phone and started
crying about how much he hated his life and then finally
said he would meet me. we were having a lot of fun, until
i was about to leave and his mom called him on his cell.
she asked what time i was leaving, so she would know when
he would be home, so he asked me and i said whenver, so he
told her whenever, and she got pissed and hung up on him.
he go really sad after that and upset again. i get so
annoyed with the way she treats him. i know he would be so
much happier if she would leave him alone. oh well, not my
place to interfere anymore, i guess. oh, and caleb told me
that some girl in his class gave him her number. so, i told
him i was going out with david again tomorrow. which kind
of is true, bc im going out with ian tomorrow, and he is
the one that really has the integra. that is another thing.
ive never met ian before and we are supposed to be going to
the mall and movies i think tomorrow. who knows what will
happen with that. i think he is some other ethnicity, so i
dont really know what he will look like. oh well, we will
see what happens, i guess. i think im going to go to bed
now, its so hot, and i have to get up at like 10 tomorrow.
ta ta!