gold fish
2002-10-16 00:22:43 (UTC)


hey.. omg today was a weird ass day.. i was hyper and had a
headache all day..so i said wat i wanted when i wanted and
did whatever...didnt pay attention at all.. and it was just
like a fly by day... and then in art ..i stabbed myself
with a razor..god dmanit...that hurt like a bitch!! and
then i got home..did shit...talked to ppll on the
fone..went online..did homework..took a shower..and all
that good stuff.. then a different story.. i called
alec..and it was the meanest conversation i ever had with
him..i wasnt mean to him at all.. but he was all actin
different.. and being really mean..it bothered me.. i mean
it wouldnt really have bothered me if i didnt like him..
but i do and it did..and my self esteem level is at like
complete zero... i feel so upset and everthing... im just
really upset about the hole alec deal...it sucks when u
like someone they dont like you PLUS they really like your
best friend. i kno im goin to end up calling him again
tomoorow.. cuz thats how i am...i dunno w.e.

i HATE people sometimes... love me

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