80% Illusion
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2002-10-16 00:04:43 (UTC)


My hands were going numb from being tied so tight,
the air was thick and hot and I gasped for breath when I
awoke. I blinked at the darkness, and wondered where the
hell I was, wondering what was to happen with me next. For
hours I sat like this, no sounds but the rats chewing on
the wood of the staircase that I could barely make out.

There was only a crack of light coming out from under the
door at the top, the only light in the room. I couldn't
move my head or my arms, I was tied tightly to the chair,
and the ropes dug harshly into my skin, making it blister.
my heart began to race when I heard footsteps approach the
door, and I wondered what this person had planned for me.

It seemed an eternity it took for the door to be completely
opened, and I preyed this large shadow was not going to
hurt me, but I had lost hope..why would they want to be
friendly now, after all of this? I heard his heavy
breathing, and could see his outline, tall, wearing just a
black t-shirt and black jeans. my heart was skipping beats,
and I began to squirm in the chair, but it was no use, I
couldn't get out. He was in control.