The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-08-04 02:03:52 (UTC)

What Am I Going To Do?

My life walked onto a plane and flew away today. And god
dammit i couldnt even fucking be their to say goodbye. God
I hate this shit. Why the fuck do i have to have the
shitiest luck in the world. God dammit nothing matters
anymore. I fucking wanna quit my job. God i hate it their
i keep trying to tell myself i like but its just not
working. I feel like fucking crying right now. God
dammit. Why is this so hard. When the hell am I going to
see her again. Its to long. God the last thing i did with
her was have breakfest and hang out with her at her sisters
house. God i didnt cry then. I wanted to but i had to be
strong. Dammit i hate this. Its to damn hard. I dont
want to go on. But I fucking have to. Dammit. I hate
life. Its given me nothing but shit and one week of heaven.
God why did she have to go. I wasnt ready for her too.
Its not fair. She made me happy. I havent been truly
happy in years. And then when i am its cruely wrenched
away from me. I should of called in sick today. Dammit
why the hell didnt I call in. I Should of been their.

Well im like verge of mental break down im going go.

I love trika and shes gone.