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2001-08-04 01:56:55 (UTC)

today is the greatest day ive ever known.....

last night i went to miss cara brewers birthday party at
manor lanes. it was cool i got to see a bunch of people i
havent seen in awhile. i had this coffe stuff before i went
and i was so hyper. all in all it was a great evening.
also today i broke down and bought stuff to dye my hair
black. it was gonna be a big thing for me bc im tired of
looking like every other kid in america. but my mommy
yelled at me and i chickened out.- so much for that idea.
tomarrow i am going to maggies house and to bacos party. i
havent seen those friends in awhile and i have no idea what
they have been doing all summer. o well its all good. i was
in a really good mood today and i talked to someone i
really wanted to talk to so all is well for now- peace

cause i am hanging on everything your saying
even if you dont wanna speak tonight thats alright with me
cause i want nothing more, than to sit outside heavens door
and listen to you you breathing
cause thats where i want to be.

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