my deranged lyfe
2002-10-15 22:50:14 (UTC)


hey. today was less than normal. oddly enuf...normal isnt
quite so normal for me. anyhow...drew n his friends were in
the middle of the sidewalk again, forcing me to walk on the
curb which is almost impossible in my chucks. anyhow he
didnt even say one word to me so im guessing that whole
friendship is down the drain after what happened the other
day. i started hallucinating again today. i saw zach 1st
period in my class and then when i turned around he
dissapeared. there wasnt even a ya. drama was
even more weird. i was just sitting there with my hood on
and darin was just staring at me. i put my hand up to wave
hi and he did the same. we were just sitting there for
like a minute staring. a minute feels like so long.
finally i just laughed and asked him what and he was like o
nothing i dunno why i did that. ha ha ha. i was so
confused. then later i was watching a group perform and
all of a sudden i saw a clown dancing in front of ryan. and
it wasnt just like a flash. it was there for a while. i went
into the bathroom to calm down and i started hearing
starnge lunch i couldnt find my friends and wen
i finally just gave up i started towards key club b/c i
havent gone in awhile.they ditched me for the whole lunch and is tood
around like a deserted loner. nothing new. ya. pe was exciting! o training followed by wieght training! ya. i got 13
inches in sit n reach...however many that is in cm's. ya. o god my
bitchy neighbor goes to chs too. she was standing in front
of me just staring at me. and then i saw a guy from ozone.
i guess he goes to chs...hes prett strange but kinda hott.
cant remember his name tho. other wise id say hey. ok i
gotta go~lata