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2002-10-15 22:36:45 (UTC)

Boughetto :o)

Heyz lokiez, well yesterday I stayed home because I was
really sick again. Can't I just die already? Damn pain
killers don't work for shitz. Well yeah today I got my
report card. I got a "C" in AP History I was so damn happy
I started hugging people. But unfortunately I got a Fail
in French 3 and Pre-Calculus. Doesn't surprise me i've
missed too many days of school. Tommorrow we have a damn
test in AP History class on Chapter 1 and 2!! And then on
Friday we have a Test in PreCal on Chapter 2, which I dont
know anything about! Yeah I have a lot of fucking studying
to do. Ill pass it if I study. Well the update on my daddy
drama is that he got out yesterday. :x. He's at my aunts
house he got there on the bus since he cant come here.
Well he told my aunt to call my mom and tell her that he
wanted to talk to her. Iunno whats up with that, my mom
had the damn nerve to tell me that when i came home start
packing his stuff. LOL. What kinda shit is that? That made
me pissed. Sniper once again calmed me down though. If he
comes back here im outz. Iunno where but ill figure that
out when I get there. I want a burrito. Damn im always
hungry. Especially have the urges for the weirdest things.
Weird. Well right about now I have a lot of studing to do
and a lot of homework too. Update laterz. AIM: ghettoizh