Nephanie's Life
2002-10-15 22:23:46 (UTC)


Got my eye surgery done...Spent the night at nikki's woke
up got the said i had toi come home...took a dressed..and left...8:30 was my appointment...I
got in the room at like 9:10 or something...The Beatles
were playin on the radio...So the guy gave me some eye
drops and cleaned off my eye..then it came to the worst
part...the shot...i turned my head my mom had to come voer
and keep me from moving and hurt so bad..and he
kept it in there for like seriouskly 2 or 3 minutes it
sucked...but then he took a probe and stuck it in my eye
but i couldn't even feel it...and then he told me he was
going to do the 3 snip procedure...i didn't even notice he
was doing face and eye was all numb...then i walked
out of the room and i saw my uncle was soo we talked for a while then left...mommy took me to
get my med and then out for eye was so puffy i
couldn't even see that good and it was like all funky and
stuff...i went back over to nikki's and showed her i
couldn't even sleep b/c my eye wouldn't shut...Well then
later on in the day Dan and scot came over...We watched a was just a lil odd...Scot left his shirt
over here stupid dumb ass...I had to wash it again...angela
decided to use it as a napkin and wipe oreo cookie on
it...So once again its clean...