The White Rose
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2001-08-04 01:18:09 (UTC)


I have had a truly awful day. I just wanted you all to know
I have been trying to install the anti-virus checker at
work. Yesterday it got hi-jakced because of the server
issues, so it was put forward to today. (Or back until
today. I am never quite sure how that phrase goes!).
I will admit that over-sleep and arriving two hours late
for work didn't really help my cause, but compared to the
rest of the day, that was a pretty small thing.
I got everyone to install it on their machines, and moments
later three Windows 2000 machines went down. One of them
belonging to the MD. Needless to say I was forced to
attempt to fix it.
At first I had NO idea what the hell was going on. Because
the other windows 2000 machines were all working fine. So I
phoned the help desk. (See - I learned my lesson. Instead
of spending hours faffing around trying to fix it, I asked
someone who knew!). They told me that if it is installed
over another virus checker, it will go mental.
So - I checked, and the three machines did indeed have
another virus checker on them. And (as much as I hate to
say it) it was totally my fault for over-looking this. I
checked it on two other machines, but forgot these three.
The good news is once I knew the cause there was a very
easy fix, and within an hour I had the three machines being
fully functional again. But the damage to my reputation
(and self-esteem) had alread been done, and the rest of the
day I was totally depressed.

Until just before home-time. Because after most of the
staff had gone, there was a little conflab about TW. He
comes back off holiday on Monday, so the staff that were
there (PA, PH, SC and JM) were apparantly taking the
opportunity to air their feelings about him. His new office
nickname might well be 'Rimmer' very soon, and it appears
that in the three days he has been in the office with the
new guy (DB) he has managed to piss him off and grass him
up to the DevManager. This is a new record for him since it
normally takes about two weeks for him to start annoying
other staff members. This new guy asked a fairly basic
question about the delphi programming language, and TW
decided to tell everyone that this guy didn't know
something that he [TW] considered obvious. Now if this
happened to you would you think a) 'Oh - I will ask TW for
help again since he appears to know what he is talking
about' or b) 'Oh - I won't ask for help ever again from
anyone because they might ridicule me and make me look
bad'. I think the majority would go with b), which is not
the attitude we need developers to have. No one should be
afraid to ask from help for anyone, because the day anyone
knows everything about everything is the day hell freezes
This whole TW thing is made even more ironic by the fact
the new GM wants him to be the 'co-ordinator' for team-
building activities. Even if they put Mrs Tatcher in charge
of organizing school milk deliveries it would still make
more sense than this. (This is one of the other reasons I
am not, currently, a big fan of our new GM. He doesn't
appear to have a clue what is going on between the staff.
But I could be wrong - this could all be his master plan
that i am not aware of!).

Still - its the weekend. So there are at least two more
days before I have to deal with him (TW). The GM is on
holiday for another week, so that's nine days.